Support for Weight Loss Medication

Eviole will help support and maximise your weight loss, as well as teach you how to prevent weight regain post medication.

Medications work, but our support can make the difference

Successfully losing weight with weight loss medication requires healthy eating habits, regular physical activity, and improved mental health. That's where the Eviole by LifeShape Clinic online program can help.

Hunger Control

Medications help control hunger and blood sugar making it easier to lose weight.

Lifestyle Change

Eviole provides the education & support to help you make healthy lifestyle changes & lose 1kg+ per week^.

Long Term Success

Successfully keep your weight off post medication with ongoing support from Eviole.

Add Telehealth Support

Eviole's online platform delivers weekly content, tracking tools, and health reminders. However, for personalised weight loss advice, you can add telehealth consultations to your subscription! So, why add telehealth?


Personalised Plans

Telehealth consultations will enhance your weight loss results by offering personalised meal & exercise plans tailored just for you.


Accountability & Motivation

Telehealth sessions with our experts will keep you on track, accountable, & motivated to reach your weight loss goal.

Dr. John Smith

Eviole Weight Loss Doctor


Expert Support

Our one-on-one sessions will empower you with the knowledge to make healthy choices for the long term.


Evolve with You

Choosing telehealth means we can help you update your goals and benchmarks as you progress through your subscription, ensuring that your plan stays aligned with your evolving needs!

Partnering with your Doctor

Throughout your program, we ensure that your progress is tracked to celebrate your wins, and share the data with your prescribing doctor. This collaboration allows them to understand how your healthy lifestyle changes are enhancing the effectiveness of your weight loss medications, allowing them to issue you with your next script.

Lose More Weight with Optifast

The Optifast VLCD range is a delicious, nutritionally balanced, full dietary replacement containing all the protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals you need. Swapping just a few meals per day with Optifast will help you control your calorie intake and lose weight even faster. Available now at all leading pharmacies.

Private Health & Medicare Rebates

If you add on telehealth, the consultations you attend are eligible for private health insurance rebates. Medicare rebates are also available for certain consultations with a valid GP referral.

A Trusted Provider in Weight Loss

Eviole is the product of more than 20 years of expertise from LifeShape Clinic, Australia’s most trusted weight loss provider. We’ve harnessed the wisdom gained from over 400,000 client consultations to create Eviole, your trusted companion on your weight loss journey using weight loss medication.

Real Clients, Real Success

"I feel great! My cholesterol has dropped and I have noticed that moving around is a lot easier."
Damien, lost 18kg^
“To do the online program and like any change, you need to be onboard and ready to embrace changes."
Ruth, lost 10kg^

What's Included?

Gain access to thousands of weight loss resources through Eviole’s subscription model.

$ 10
  • Weekly themed weight loss content
  • Discounted telehealth consultations
  • Tools to track your progress
  • Video library of weight loss support information


Our support can make the difference

Embark on your journey to better health with a free 30-minute telehealth consultation with an experienced dietitian. Let us help you get on the right nutritional track with weight loss medication and achieve your weight loss goals. Schedule your free consultation today!