Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Eviole was originally designed to support those taking weight loss medications but the principles underpinning Eviole apply to all forms of successful weight loss.

Your doctor has prescribed you a weight loss medication, now what?

Prescription weight loss medications can boost your weight loss journey, but they often fall short in addressing the essential lifestyle changes needed for long-term health and sustained weight loss. That’s where the Eviole by LifeShape Clinic online program can help.

As Australia’s trusted provider in weight loss, we’re here to bridge that gap and guide you towards lasting results, even after you stop taking medication.

The best person to prescribe you weight loss medication is your GP who knows your full medical history. However, our Eviole doctor can assess you and prescribe medication if it’s right for you, and your weight loss journey.

With Eviole’s meal and activity plans and lifestyle health education, weight losses from 1kg+ per week^ are achievable.  Your total weight loss will depend on how well you implement a healthy diet and daily activity into your lifestyle, and how long you are on weight loss medications for (if applicable).

With Eviole, our goal is to help you achieve steady, healthy weight loss. Eviole’s online platform delivers weekly content, tracking tools, and health reminders for up to 52 weeks. Your program subscription can be cancelled at any time (T&Cs apply).

As a medically supervised weight loss program, Eviole’s telehealth consultations are eligible for private health insurance rebates to your level of cover. Medicare rebates are also available for certain consultations. Please contact us for further information on what you may be eligible for.

Our Dietitian designed meal plans are built upon the Optislim VLCD range which is nutritionally balanced to provide your daily nutritional requirements when using 3 replacements per day. Without Optislim VLCD, you will need to rely on a food-only meal plan to provide a balanced and healthy diet which may be a difficult amount of food to consume if you are on weight loss medications.

If you prefer not to use dietary replacements, our Dietitians can design you a personalised meal plan at one of your telehealth sessions to ensure you are enjoying a balanced diet during weight loss.

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties purchasing Eviole. Here’s a few things to try.

  • Eviole operates on a supportive weekly subscription basis, allowing the purchase of only one program at a time. Ensure there’s only one program in your cart during checkout.
  • As measurements are tracked weekly, each user requires a separate login. If purchasing for family or friends, buy one program at a time using distinct email addresses, as emails serve as usernames for platform access.
  • For any additional assistance, kindly reach out to our Client Services team.

To successfully apply a coupon code, make sure you’ve added the Eviole program to your shopping cart. Given Eviole operates on a supportive weekly subscription, kindly note that only one program can be purchased at a time. Additionally, ensure you are not logged in when attempting to purchase a program using a coupon code. For further assistance, please reach out to our Client Services team.

Eviole is the product of more than 20 years of expertise from LifeShape Clinic, Australia’s most trusted weight loss provider. We’ve harnessed the wisdom gained from over 400,000 client consultations to create Eviole, your trusted companion on your weight loss journey.

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