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Curated by our team of Doctors, Dietitians, and Exercise Physiologists, Eviole goes beyond the other run of the mill online weight loss programs.

Diets don't work, but...
our program does

Successfully losing weight requires healthy habits, improved mental health, and expert support. That’s where Eviole can help.

Lifestyle Change

Eviole provides the education & support to help you make healthy lifestyle changes & lose 1kg+ per week^.

Long Term Success

With access to thousands of weight loss resources, Eviole's post program subscription model will help you successfully keep your weight off.

Expert Telehealth Support

Eviole's online platform will deliver you weekly content combined with telehealth sessions throughout your program to deliver healthy weight loss results.


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Join online, or if you prefer ask your doctor to refer you to Eviole.


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Dr. John Smith

Eviole Weight Loss Doctor


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Telehealth sessions with our experts will keep you on track and accountable.


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We'll send you weekly content to help shape your new lifestyle, and report results back to your doctor.

Right Info, Right Time

Eviole equips you with all the essentials for effective weight loss and maintenance. Our user-friendly program is thoughtfully designed, offering a diverse range of resources to effortlessly guide you on your journey and ensure you stay on the path to success.

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Private Health & Medicare Rebates

The Eviole program is eligible for private health insurance rebates to your level of cover. Medicare rebates are also available for certain consultations.

A Trusted Provider in Weight Loss

Eviole is the product of more than 20 years of expertise from LifeShape Clinic, Australia’s most trusted weight loss provider. We’ve harnessed the wisdom gained from over 400,000 client consultations to create Eviole, your trusted companion on your weight loss journey.

Real Clients, Real Success

"I feel great! My cholesterol has dropped and I have noticed that moving around is a lot easier."
Damien, lost 18kg^
“To do the online program and like any change, you need to be onboard and ready to embrace changes."
Ruth, lost 10kg^

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